Chinese-Taught Degree Programs


Duration: Four years    

II Application deadline:June 30th  

III Scholarship available: 

1 Xi'an One Belt One Road International Students Scholarship

2 Northwest University International Students Scholarship    

Note: Application deadline of scholarship is June 30th of each year.  

IV Application Requirements:    

1. Be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health;  

2. Above 18 years old, under 25 years of age when applying;  

3. High school / senior secondary or advanced diploma;  

4. Hold at least HSK4 or above.  


V Application Documents    

1. Application Form for Foreign Students to NWU with signature;  

2. Copy of Passport Photopage;  

3. Notarized highest diploma (Prospective diploma recipients must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date);  

4. Academic transcripts;  

5. The copy of valid HSK Certificate ;  

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form  

7. Notarized Non-criminal Record  

(Mother language and notarized Chinese translations, please contact to for more information);  

Notes:Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations. No application documents will be returned.     


VI Application Procedure    

1. Complete online application at, print and sign the Application   Form for Foreign Students to NWU  

2. Please post all paper documents to NWU.  

3. After internal review and evaluation, NWU will confirm with the short listed   students for final approval.  

4. NWU will send Admission Letters and JW202 Forms for the final confirmed   scholarship candidates.  

Note: Please provide valid mailing address, email address, and Phone No.    


VII Admission Notification  

After examining the application, the admission office will make a decision on admission notification. The successful candidates will be provided with an admission notice, a JW202 form (Visa application form), Guidance for Freshman etc.. These documents will be posted to the permanent postal address of the applicants.  

Usually the students are required to report at the admission office with their admission notice and other documents in March or September (the start of new session). Failure to do so within three weeks of the new term will be regarded as forfeiting the admission.  


VIII Tuition and Fees  

1 Registration fee: RMB350.  

2 Tuition: RMB/YEAR.  


Arts and Social Sciences        

Science and Engineering        




3 Health Insurance: RMB 800 per year.  

4 Accommodation fee:  

Northwest University Hotel Building No.1        

Single Room        

Independent bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet        

¥70 person/day        

Northwest University Hotel Building No.4        

Double Room        

¥80 room/day        




Double Room        

Public bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet        

¥3500 person/semester        

¥6500 person/year        



¥2300 person/semester        

¥4000 person/year        

Note:The above mentioned accommodation fee is for students who study at NWU for more than three months.        


IX. Contact Information:    

Address: No. 229 North Taibai Avenue  

International Students Admission  

School of International Education(142 mailbox  

Northwest University, Xi'an,Shaanxi, China  

Post code: 710069  

Tel: +86 -29 -88302373     +86-29-88302918  

Fax: 0086-29-88303511